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Peoples Basketball is an elite level youth basketball program that offers players from across the GTA quality coaching and competition, as well as holistic support.

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About Us

Our focus is both on and off the court, supporting the players in the areas of coaching and fitness, lifestyle and character development, spiritual support, and academic tutoring. Peoples Basketball teams compete both locally and in America through AAU.

Our History

Peoples Basketball was founded in 2013. The program is supported by The Peoples Church in Toronto, and is open to all youth with a passion for basketball, a dedication to excellence, and big dreams. This program is run entirely by experienced, dedicated and expert volunteer coaches and organizers. Currently Peoples Basketball operates 3 boys teams and 1 girls team. Since our inception, a number of our teams have won tournaments both in Toronto and in the United States. These tournaments provide opportunity for players with elite basketball skill to be seen and recruited by universities and colleges from across North America.

Our Vision

Peoples Basketball’s roots are found in the Regent Park Community. The majority of the coaches and organizers are either from Regent, or have worked with youth in Regent for many years. A significant number of the players also come from Regent Park or its surrounding areas. However, as the reputation of the program and its successes has grown, Peoples Basketball now truly represents Toronto with players coming from all across the GTA.

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